43 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC 43)

about usOPC 43 cement shall conform to IS:8112-1989 and the designed strength of 28 days shall be minimum 43 MPa or 430 kg/sqcm. Even though 43 Grade cements' early strength is less as compared to that of 53 Grade, with time it will attain the same ultimate strength as that of 53 Grade cement.

In the case of 43 Grade cement, the initial setting of cement is slower as compared to 53 Grade cement. In other words, the hydration process and consequently, the release of heat is moderate and therefore, occurrence of micro cracking is much less and can be easily controlled by proper curing of the concrete / masonry work.

Unless a project requires very high strength cement, the use of 43 Grade OPC is generally recommended in general civil construction work such as residential, commercial and industrial structures. It is used in RCC works, preferably where the grade of concrete is up to M-30. It is also extensively used in the manufacture of pre-cast items such as blocks, pipes, tiles etc., and also in asbestos products such as sheets and pipes. Since OPC 33 has mostly been phased out in the country, OPC 43 is nowadays largely used in plastering, flooring and other non structural applications where OPC 33 was earlier being used.

The physical and chemical characteristics of OPC 43 Grade Deccan Cement very comfortably meets BIS requirements. Particularly, the compressive strength of Deccan Cement OPC 43 is significantly higher than the standards specified by BIS.

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